Sara & Drew
Experienced SELLERS

"We were impressed by Wei Sen's kind manner and the way he communicated with our family."

"His approach to showcasing our home and his fantastic team set him apart from the rest."

"From what can be a stressful time we enjoyed Wei Sen's process from start to finish."

Gareth & Maree

"Wei Sen is the most incredibly genuine and accountable person you could meet. He's very clear and precise in his dealings. The whole experience was seamless."

"It was a very respectful balance between the buyer and us selling. That was really nice for us because we know what it's like to be a purchaser."

"He really listened to us and asked questions about what our expectations and what we were looking to achieve. I think that's what gave us a good outcome."

"He was very professional, asked all the right questions. He didn't over communicate or under communicate. He gave us the right level of information."

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Kathryn & Rodney
Experienced SELLERS

"Wei Sen really took the time to get to know us. He really cared about who we were, what we wanted and our next step on our journey."

"The way he runs his open homes was so much different than any other agent we had previously met. He is just on a different level."

"We took pride in the campaign Wei Sen put together because it highlighted the house so well. When we saw the advertising it was, like, wow! It just made us feel really good that other people we're going to get to see our home through our eyes."

"We've never experienced anything like Wei Sen before. He really ticked all our boxes. There are no doubts that we ended up with the best price we could have got."

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Bill & Di

"Wei Sen was very easy to deal with. He was thoughtful, kind and reliable. He explained everything well, let us think on it, and when we got back to him he came up with a plan"

"It's a big decision to sell a house. You're dealing with a lot of money and you need someone you can trust. Wei Sen is reliable. When he says he'll do something, he does it."

"We're extremely happy with the result we got from selling our home. The price was well above what we expected and that's a big plus for us."